Press Releases 2010                                                                                

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Press Release December 18, 2010:
Teaching the Public Free to Teach Online for Free

Press Release November 24, 2010: 
Global Academy Online Spreading Wealth of Knowledge Around the World

Press Release October 26, 2010:
University of Maryland Online College Among World's Top Ten

Press Release October 19, 2010:    
Ellis College of NYIT Among 2010's Top Ten Online Universities

Press Release September 18, 2010:
Peanuts, Popcorn, Accredited Degrees

Press Release August 24, 2010:
The Father of Online College Rankings Speaks Out

Press Release August 13, 2010:
One Man’s Passion to Revolutionize Education and Crush Ignorance

Press Release July 5, 2010:
San Francisco's Golden Gate University Listed Among World's Top 10 Online

Press Release June 29,2010:
University of Liverpool Offers Top Ten Online Programs

Press Release June 21, 2010:
Jone International,
One of the World’s Top Five Online Universities

Press Release June 18, 2010:
University of Phoenix, Number one Online University in North America

Press Release June 17, 2010:
University of South Africa, Number One Online University in Africa

Press Release June 15, 2010:
Southern Queensland, Number One Online University in Australia

Press Release June 3, 2010:
University of London, Number One Online University in the World

Press Release May 6, 2010:
African American Firm Pioneering New 3D Game Design in China

Press Release May 4, 2010:
The 2010 Top Ten Online Universities in the World

Press Release May 3, 2010
American Expert Promotes Sino-American Education and Economic Accords 

Press Release April 28, 2010:
Georgia Official's China VIP Trip Scores Sino-American Agreement

Press Release Apil 14, 2010:
American Education Expert Opens Online Learning in China

Press Release February 22, 2010:
Academy Engineers Epic Sino-Amercan Education Accord