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Today Global Academy is counted among the pioneer international leaders in the exploding field development of cyber-based institutions of higher learning. Our domestic and international university services over the past 20 years have grown up from humble beginnings of creating online curriculum for colleges and universities to becoming the standout innovative builders of new startup online institutions of higher learning. We are counted among a mere handful of specialists capable of bringing cost-effective 21st century state-of-the-art course and learner management systems to institutions worldwide.
The traditional institutional challenge of higher education today is to create colleges and universities of tomorrow from the fabric of what currently exists and do so in the right place, at the right time, and on a scale rarely imagined. Such an advanced college or university immerses their learners, one by one, into a total knowledge acquisition environment; a system few ever thought possible. We offer and bring to our own schools and those we license the latest in state-of-the-art online college and skills course management systems through  our Learner System's various options for institutions including our patent pending, one of a kind, totally immersive, University of One™ /VClassroom.
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Fred DiUlus, PhD
Founder, Chair
President Emeritus

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San Gregorio College & University

21st Century non-denominational 100% online Christian advanced skills and collegiate education provider

Advanced graduate level Mixed Reality Development & Research
DiUlus School - Competency evaluation of past experiences for college credit.
University of Success - creating skills certification and college degrees from life and work experiences supported by MOOCs
 Global Association of Accredited Schools, Colleges, & Universities

Aging Veterans Care Relief Fund

Victory Atlantic College

American Patriots Fund

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