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Many Leaner Management Systems also known as Course Management Systems or Platforms offer services of various degrees and dependability. All are not equal.
In 2008, Global Academy conducted an exhaustive study of online platforms students believed were the easiest to navigate and the best to use. They were charged with the task to evaluate the educational challenges such systems demanded. Available on this page is a link to the original study that was conducted in 2008 among beginning and upper division South American bi-lingual college students. As a control group, they were deliberately selected because they had little or no previous experience with online classroom platforms except what they may have read in the international press.
Global Academy conducted the research over six months in an area of the world not inhibited by prejudice, hype or preconceived notions about online education or what a Learner Management System  or Course Management System could or could not do. The task simply was to uncover what students felt was the best and most user friendly and capable system for the students at the time, particularly those who had little or no experience with any online platform.
In 2015, the firm updated the research based on the previous eight years of online technology development and evolved what can only be considered as THE cutting edge of online education delivery and performance.
Today, there are dozens of Learning Management System hybrid platforms worldwide to choose among; most are paid-for subscription type services. Yet, the  very best, remain basically free. Meanwhile, many overlook these services under the belief that if it costs a lot, it must be good. In this arena nothing could be further from the truth. However, faced with the decision today to spend upwards of $200,000 to migrate and engage a system for an entire student body of say 4000 plus, the cost to cover training for faculty to operate a new system and the school to administer it finds essentially such systems are complicated systems but nothing more than an attempt by providers to get control of the student body and the schools records. This, of course, permits the provider the ability to ensure their arrangement to operate and manipulate the production of records, the loyalty of the faculty to their product, and enables the vendor the assurance that because of the difficulty of unraveling it once it is installed, a locked contract for years to come. Hundreds if not thousands of schools are in this predicament today.Yours may be one of them.

Powered by Global, the Global Academy System and education Management Protocol is a custom designed  private-label level of sophistication and technology. The platform is exclusive to client/partners. Custom design is part of the Global Academy private label delivery system. The system is designed to insure latest technology delivery of Global Academy's  patent-pending application. 
Note: The research below is now three years old. In its original undertaking, 10 years ago, it was predictive and envisioned what exists today. A dozen new applications in addition to our own cutting edge developments, are now available in addition to those cited.
There is one particularly that seems well suited for those wanting to learn, develop and start their own education show. The provider is THINKIFIC, a proprietary system for the mom and pop generation of education entrepreneurs. Beyond the conclusions of the report which still hold true today with the advances in development experienced by each of those providers listed, Global Academy recommend this new addition for anyone wanting to learn how to develop, promote and sell their own education model.
 LMS/CMS Research Study

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