University of Phoenix - Number One 
      Online University in North America

Washington DC, June 18...The University of Phoenix is the number one online school in North America and counted among the top ten schools in the world according to the 2010 edition of the Best Worst Online Degree Programs

 In 1976, a Cambridge University educated economist Dr. John Sperling created the University of Phoenix. The professor turned entrepreneur saw what he believed was an opportunity to help adults acquire higher education by offering convenient class times at local sites as well as at a distance through the mail, and telephone that has evolved into an online education powerhouse. 

The Apollo Group, the university’s parent public organization services over 400,000 students worldwide. The University of Phoenix over the past twenty years has grown to become America’s, and the world’s, largest private university. Undergraduate and graduate degree programs are offered at more than 200 locations on six continents as well as online programs anywhere in the world where a student can hookup to the Internet.

According to the author of the eBook, Dr. Fred DiUlus, “Phoenix is blessed and cursed by its very size and aggressive recruiting posture”.  He points to the fact that the University has more living alumni holding high positions in industry and government than perhaps any other comparable university in America. 

 Current and former students praise the school highly while on the other hand, DiUlus notes, are those who openly complain of carrying the load for the ‘marginal’ students on their cohort teams. Financial aid is a problem that historically plagues “expensive” schools and Phoenix is near the top of the list. Then DiUlus states there are students that seem never happy with school facilitators as they are blamed for being too slow or unresponsive to student demands. 

DiUlus suggests that all private, for-profit, online schools can easily improve in several areas with the most prevalent areas to include lowering tuition, tightening up recruiting to students who ‘can’ take on the work, and hiring of current and former students as the facilitators who are passionate about the school. “They always make the best ambassadors”, states DiUlus. 

Global Academy Online, Inc., a Washington DC university builder, publishes the eBook and offers it free to the public.