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Global Academy (Online) academic programs may be adopted by any officially accredited or state approved and recognized college or university and brand new institution currently in organization or pending organization and seeking state, federal or international approval. SEE: How to Build an Online School

Seasoned professional curriculum builders and instructors are  available to organizations to assist in the development of Course Management / Learner Management Systems that can be customized and private labeled for independent organizations desiring to develop a more well rounded online and cyber based academic presence to potential to  existing and potential students.Global Academy's online course management system is designed from the outset to blend in with any existing online course delivery systems that may already be in place or that may be added in the future.

Course Development

Global Academy Curriculum may be designed as stand-alone or blended courses depending on an institutions unique requirements. Programs may also be offered in English, Mandarin or Spanish. Each course in each program will meet the requirements of any USA  Department of Education approved accrediting agencies.

Global Academy Faculty meet and often exceed the most stringent requirements of host schools accreditors and may be listed as part time or full time faculty of a client institution as the need requires and Global Academy permits.


Faculty are required to meet the highest degree and credential standards. Experienced professionals assist organizations navigate a proven path of accreditation for Global Academy supported and licensed for institutional online programs. In addition, Global Academy suggests marketing strategies through its UPMarketing, Global Academy's Public Relations and Publishing arm. It is exclusively dedicated to assist colleges and organizations in promoting new online programs. 

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