Although higher education accreditation in America may be voluntary, it is hard to believe  when there are many who claim any non-accredited institution is bogus. Organizations forming a new school or operating an established one without recognized USA accreditation will find the school's days numbered as a viable and desired institutional choice by the public.

Starting or attempting to establish online distance education in the USA and not submitting to sanctioned US Department of Education venues, although not required by law, is an American institutional form of Russian roulette. Within ten years, the Academy believes the only non accredited US institutions will be those domiciled, registered, and accredited offshore in foreign jurisdictions.


Most American students have been "sold" on the concept that if a college is not accredited, regardless of where it is located in the world, by an approved private agency of the US Department of Education, it will, to put it kindly, not be recognized as credible. Apart from that, many highly respected non-accredited schools, including holistic and many traditional professional schools, are being barraged with what seems a well-orchestrated effort to put them out of business.

Colleges concerned with the process of acquiring online accreditation, will find the Academy's diverse faculty brings depth and experience to university accreditation applications for US Department of Education approved regional and national agencies, The Academy offers one of the few knowledge banks on the comparative and multiple differences of each of the US approved accrediting organizations in America and what it takes in each agency to be approved.

It is the opinion of the Academy that any college or university desiring to acquire accreditation and willing to expend the effort to do so can and will find a government agency ready and willing to assist in acquiring that accreditation. It should be made clear however that this is a competitive issue among US based colleges and universities and once outside the boarders of the USA, American accreditation is taken as no better / no worse than any other nation's approved accrediting standards for higher education. This indeed makes the competition for the global student much more intense.

Accreditation Assistance 

There are many US Department of Education approved private agencies that operate for the sole purpose of permitting its member schools to measure up to acceptable minimal standards adjudged by peer reviews on a periodic basis. There are various levels of approval that most laymen are unfamiliar ranging from a "watch" list and a short rope to a ten-year green light.

It is therefore important that before expanding into various areas of distance online learning a school realize it has the opportunity to be either a pioneer and model for others or drawn and quartered at the next review. It would be our pleasure to assist your organization along the right path and provide the consultation and advise necessary to make your efforts fruitful. Call or email us today, there is no obligation.