University of London, Number One Online University in the World    

Washington DC, June 3, 2010...The 2010 edition of Best Worst Online Degree Programs has rated the University of London as the number one online university in the world. Dr. Fred DiUlus, founder and CEO of Global Academy Online and a foremost expert in online education, is the author. For the past eight years, Dr. DiUlus has annually compiled the stats and rated online education based on a five-point ratings model. The book has grown from rating and ranking less than 30 institutions in the world that provided clear online delivery of degree programs to over 300 with more being added every day.

Dr. DiUlus states, "The University of London remains the perennial top distance online university provider in the world". The University of London has been a pioneering force in higher education from its early years. The University of London was granted its first charter in 1836 and is the third oldest university in England. In 1858 its degrees were made accessible to any qualified candidate in the United Kingdom and students studying by distance learning throughout the world through the External System. Today, The University of London is unique in that it consists of 19 largely self governing Colleges and 10 other smaller specialist research Institutes and has over 45,500 students studying in 180 different countries

College rating and ranking in the Best Worst Online Degree Programs are not based on the school's looks, longevity or public relations. "The book's five point rating system puts emphasis where it belongs," according to Dr. DiUlus, "on the school's professors, their knowledge, credentials, experience, ability to teach, and a student's ability to learn." Each publication is released at the close of the traditional academic school year. The reason being is that each publication bearing the current year's ratings are based on the previous year's full academic cycle. By waiting for the complete school year measurement, Dr. DiUlus feels it to be a more accurate measurement, up to date and timely.

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