The World's Accredited Universities
    and Their Location 

There are Over 17000 Institutions of Higher Learning

To the right of this text is a  portal to the International Association of Universities database of all authorized and nationally recognized institutions in their home nation or territories.

The website includes other data as well including each nation's education system and also a bibliographic database for reference material.

Institutions That are Not Included
Military academies of the various nations, religious authorized schools, and specially licensed institutions not in the various nations current data bank that are not listed at this time. However over 17,000 institutions are listed --To facilitate the search on each institution scan the name of the university and cut or paste it into the web search window of any of the major search engines for further information.

80% of the International Schools

Although there are over 17000 approved entries, 80% of these institutions are not accredited by any private agency authorized by the United States Department of Education. Thus foreign accredited schools are ineligible to receive USA Government Student Guaranteed Loan assistance for attending US citizens. There is, however, a concerted effort being undertaken to provide an international means for US students attending international universities to qualify outside the box of the accrediting agencies in the USA for guaranteed US Government student aid.

Even though these foreign accredited and nationally licensed institutions would be considered non-accredited in the USA, they are all licensed and/or accredited to function and award certificates, diplomas and/or degrees by their host nations. The degrees are recognized worldwide.They are further listed by international agencies such as the United Nation's  UNESCO, the European Union, and other international bodies as legitimate institutions of higher learning by their host nations, principalities and/or religious orders worldwide. 

This is the GATEWAY
to 17000 Universities