Inside the Global Academy
One of a Kind


Creating Academic Powerhouses

Global Academy Guides individuals and organizations build and develop online, flip and blended education powerhouses. The ability to offer and deliver world class curriculum and instruction is unique to Global Academy; an industry pioneer guide and mentor enabling startup or cross developing institutions to act at will, night or day, seven days a week year round. Creating, delivering and managing higher education institutions, Global Academy possesses advantages few like-minded institutions can meet or surpass on their own including reasonable cost  and development in reasonable time, and armed with international marketing capabilities, licensing and globally recognized accreditation. 

Global Academy Expertise enables the creation of specific and dedicated niche institutions of higher learning as well as training schools running the gamut from GED to PhD research institutions. After two decades, several new institutions have been developed by Global Academy to specifically address the needs of an internationally growing demand for schools of higher learning that are interconnected to provide matriculating students and trainees an unending treasure trove of options - treasures that further students education options within the Global Academy spheres of influence and among its created institutions offering a never-ending opportunity for on-demand learning, anytime, anywhere and enabled  to do so for a lifetime.

Global Academy Professionals comprise one of the largest concentrations of experienced and professional eLearning specialists under one roof. Operating independently, Global Academy through its global reach and liaison with partner institutions offers exceptional mentoring and management staff and administration in a sponsored institution's earliest  creation that is both content rich and in the hands of experienced online and ground-based classroom instructors. Global Academy represents academic disciplines such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D, Immersive A.I., Space Studies and Cyber Security; all considered cutting-edge of emerging disciplines and among the most difficult to develop and teach online. 

Global Academy Is the first institutional specialist and startup expert pioneering the early development of entirely new online colleges and universities from the ground up. Prior to Global Academy, many attempted, few succeeded due to the resistance of traditional faculty. Major universities such as MIT, Columbia, University of Maryland were all early pioneers. However only the University of Maryland persisted and survived the early experiments  through the 90's becoming today one of the world's best online universities.

Global Academy Developed its first  private-label degree and training programs in 2001 that made a collective debuts as a 36 hour MBA/Leadership program and 10 day leadership training certificate programs globally in 2004. Today, the MBA in Leadership Studies is Global Academy's premier anchor program accompanied with over 40 other multi-level degree and certificate and diploma programs through PhD. The Academy's professional formation and initiation of an entirely new online university for organizations worldwide may be formed in as little as three months in certain USA and international jurisdictions and take up to five years depending on the domiciled jurisdiction selected by the sponsoring organization.

Global Academy Faculty are both ground-based classroom and online experienced assuring the outstanding delivery of college courses at all levels. No other online institution-to-institution provider compares.Faculty curriculum and program delivery availability ranges from specialized certificate training to custom designed degree paths. Doctoral and Masters certified and qualified faculty are recruited and placed by Global Academy specifically to deliver licensed programs to institutions using an institutions desired LMS choice or Global Academy's own state-of-the-art UNIVERSITY OF ONE V/CLASSROOM specially designed private-label Course Management Learning System.

 Global Academy Cost for developing a brand new startup or augmented stand beside to an existing college or university is up to 10X's or more less cost than that of a traditional provider's own in-house development. Why? Because Global Academy's patented system known as the Gauntlet is 100% applied; a total system that creates, develops, starts, staffs, licenses, accredits, administers and manages a school in multiple worldwide jurisdictions with global marketing  insured and institutionally guaranteed to succeed.