The late Peter Drucker ominous predictions about traditional higher education is coming true rapidly. The father of modern management. Peter said 'brick and mortar' institutions are headed down the road to self-destruction. He also said that unless they are willing to undergo radical change, they will be obsolete in a generation, or totally extinct. He was right on the MONEY with a BIG boost from the 2020 CoVid 19 global pandemic. The worldwide pandemic shuttered nations and closed schools everywhere with a mad shift to online education from K12 through Graduate school.
Over the past two decades this prediction unwound with ever-increasing frequency. Cyber education, as Drucker called it, has already overtaken the classroom as the equally preferred education method among college students. The equally co-preference is a staggering seven out of ten according to Pew Research and our own annual surveys of college students. With the entrance of the two largest populated nations in the world, China and India, this is a Trillion dollar industry in the making.
Blackboard to Global Academy 2D/3D VR/AR Mixed Reality LMS
Not since the introduction of the blackboard in the Middle Ages has an education innovation forced such an evolution in higher education. The entire industry from grade schools to grad schools are being impacted by this revolution in education as it sweeps over the world. In its path, it has given rise to a new phenomena redesigned from a distance education model to an ever increasing and sophisticated online total immersive learning model of which Global Academy is in the forefront. Traditional schools are adopting and adapting online education protocols to suit their own constituencies from the Ivy League to thousands of national, state, provincial and community schools, colleges and universities all over the world. 

Online College ratings and ranking in BEST & WORST  Online Schools are not based on a university's looks, name, longevity, recruiting, retention factors or public relations. 

The eBook Five Point Rating System puts great emphasis where it belongs -- on the school's professors, their knowledge, credentials, experience, ability to teach, and a student's ability to learn.

WEB  Applications

Advanced WEB applications have changed the face of how we educate. The first Learner Management System platforms that delivered basic online education are already headed to the trash heap as online course development and delivery systems become easier to use, more sophisticated and classroom cloned experiences making the delivery and learning more enjoyable, easier, and exciting every day. 

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