One Man’s Passion to Revolutionize Education
                         Crush Ignorance

Washington, DC, August 11, 2010…Author and international online education expert Dr. Fred DiUlus, wants to “crush ignorance through knowledge” and that knowledge he says, “We can deliver.” DiUlus offers that dedicated individuals can do this with or without the aid of today’s schools, training centers, colleges and universities. For him and his colleagues, it’s a 21st Century education revolution all made possible by the invention of the cell phone, computer, and the Internet placed in the hands of education entrepreneurs desirous of spreading the wealth that comes from knowledge.

For the past 14 years, DiUlus the CEO and founder of Global Academy Online, Inc., a Washington DC based university builder has steered the firm and its founding organization, the non profit Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise (CEFE) into multiple pioneering efforts to revolutionize online education on five continents. 

The offspring of the online CEFE Foundation created by DiUlus as part of his doctoral internship in 1996 are many. In addition to the eight-year-old university and education consultant Global Academy Online, several other innovative online education creations were born. They include the premier online rating service of the best and worst online degree programs in 2002; the first global tuition free online university in 2003; the first online entrepreneurship school and the first online applied ethics certification program in 2004; the first online private label school and course and learner management system in 2005; the first online volunteer Billion Dollar Project to attack ignorance in the world in 2008; and most recently, the first blended (part online, part on ground) International Business Centers and Language Institutes in 2009 that bridges eastern and western culture and values. 

Global Academy Online, the first of his creations after CEFE has evolved over the past eight years to become the “ultimate” startup online university developer. The firm is capable of putting a virtual cyber campus inside any established traditional school or assist an organization to establish a brand new stand-alone Internet school, college or training center. “The cost to start” DiUlus flatly states, “is net zero.” How this is possible is what makes his Global Academy Online programs work and the secret to his patent pending system. 

DiUlus says Global Academy Online set out to provide everything to add or create a virtual university to an existing traditional or start up school in a fortnight. Along with saving them a half million dollars just for starters in both hard and soft money he adds, “We give traditional schools the power to recruit students previously unavailable to them from anywhere in the world.”

The Academy’s private label systems for organizations are publicized and promoted by its public relations arm known as University Promotion Marketing. DiUlus says, “We arm our institutional clients with 42,000 plus media contacts to expose their new programs to provide them a dominant base for recruiting exposure nationally and internationally.” 

Over the years Global Academy Online has created over 50 private label certificate and degree programs that institutions may selectively pick and choose among. Other add-on services include student screening, faculty credential verification, domestic state school licensing and international accreditation processing for new programs. The vanguard of these programs is the faculty the Academy provides to schools to teach them. 

The key to any school’s success DiUlus often writes is embodied in the very criteria the Academy demands of its own outsource faculty. He says that apart from the basics of academic qualifications, each individual scholar’s dedication to teaching, regardless of what level they teach, must come from a depth of experience and a “burning” passion to teach and excel online or in the classroom.  

Over the past two years Global Academy Online has helped initiate over a $100 million dollars in international developmental financing to existing and startup organizations for school construction, academic research development, and online school growth. For example, the first Chinese based, Chinese language online learning system in the Peoples Republic of China was introduced by the Academy. “Few outside China know”, offers DiUlus, “that over 300 million Chinese also speak English, more than the population of the USA, giving their scholars wide access to both worlds.” China and India are hot on the heels of the USA to be the educational giants of the future. 

DiUlus’ experience with online schools and institutions attempting to offer online education makes him one of the few objective experts in the field when it comes to ranking them. He makes that knowledge available to the public free through Global Academy Online from research he compiles in a free eBook titled Best Worst Online Degree Programs. Analyzing and rating over 300 schools offering online degrees is one of our many public services, DiUlus says “This should automatically be a prospective students first stop on the way to selecting an accredited online school to attend.

This year Global Academy Online will directly or indirectly impact over 100,000 students. Just two years from now, Dr. DiUlus estimates Global Academy Online and his cyber-based CEFE Foundation will share online services, training programs, and higher education instruction through private and public organizations with over a half-million students worldwide. His passion to defeat ignorance with education spread through cyber-space seems to be catching on rapidly.