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Paint and Brush
Faculty and Students Paint Their Own Canvas

Global Academy Online's private label outsource training school protocols for organizations presents a different set of parameters than offering collegiate curriculum and startup.

The battle between trainers and educators is legend. However many have successfully been able to make the cross-over successfully.

Global Academy Online now makes it possible for your college to offer training programs through your own institutions Continuing Online Education Unit online - up to 400.  Organizations without collegiate tie-in also have the opportunity to setup their own standalone in-house training school capable of certifying their graduates. Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Virtual Reality are among the most popular certificate worthy programs sought after worldwide.

Global Academy Online can guide and help select the right mix for maximum benefit and provide the wherewithal for a new training organization to offer FREE and certificate recognized courses within several training fields. Contact us today for how a group or organization desiring to set up their own internal training systems can have one in place and ready to go in less than 90 days.



Add unique training programs to your schools quiver of certificate courses