Special Effects Certificate Training

The Academy's Special Effects Art Program helps your students to pursue a professional position in the Special Effects industry. The program is not about creating effects using 3D Studio MAX or Alias Maya but a program that gives instead an in-depth technical knowledge that enables a student to prepare real special effects as seen in professional movies.

The course is available either through video streaming or through our Course Management System with a custom designed entry portal. This permits faculty support to be available in your schools name to all students in the program 24/7. Trainees are provided working versions of the  software they will need to learn and practice over the duration of the program.

This along with Virtual Reality and 3D Animation training programs are a wise addition to any schools Online Continuing Education Programs.

The Academy makes it possible f to adopt these certificate programs now to put Continuing Online Education Programs on the map for an adopting school.

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for a non binding evaluation of how the Academy can design and provide A Special Effects Studies Program that defines your organization and purpose. All faculty in Special Effects Studies curriculum are Scholar Practitioners who have actually honed their skills in in the industry.

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