Acquire Entrepreneurship Certificate Training Program
The Academy Entrepreneurship Studies Program is designed for institutions seeking to further their students, trainees or employee knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurship as it may relate to the students, organization, or start-ups. The Academy designed the first Online Certificate Program ever adopted by an institution. As a result,we were able to initiate the very first online Entrepreneurship Studies program for the global public trhough other institutions seeking to offer their own entrepreneurship studies programs.

The Academy programs, as designed and regardless of the field, are adaptable to any organization and may be used as a certification program for a continuing education unit of a traditional college or for an in-house credentialing program for key personnel in an industrial organization desiring to develop innovative leadership styles leading to continuing and future growth of the organization.

Based on the premise that entrepreneurship is an essential element to a nation's growth and long term stability, the Academy designs programs that are particularly suited to fit to the immediate needs of a sponsoring organization and their constituency.

The Entrepreneurship Studies program is delivered totally online through the Academy's state of the art
course management system; that it provides the adopting institution, one that is easy to navigate and easy for professors, trainers and students alike..

Contact us today for a non binding evaluation of how the Academy can design and provide an Entrepreneurship Studies Program that defines your organization and purpose. All faculty in the Entrepreneurship Studies curriculum are Scholar Practitioners who have actually honed their skills in entrepreneurial endeavors.

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