3D Training  Modules for Colleges and Universities

The Program Includes

The program covers major tools / technologies and trains students in mastering the black art of animation movies. The curriculum is upgraded on regular basis and students are provided all study material.

The Academy program is recommended for training students interested in venturing into the animation movie making industry.

Program Availability

The program is available through Academy provided Course Management System custom designed to match your organizations own branding. Total faculty support is available to your students 24/7.

Program Modules

The Academy program includes the following modules that permit your student/trainees to sign up for the program on a rolling enrollment basis each and every month throughout the year. The Curriculum covers the following specific 3D Animation specialist development training modules.

Module One: Introduction to Animation Technology
Module Two: Modeling / Animation / Rendering
Module Three: Character Rigging
Module Four: Environmental Simulation for Movies
Module Five:  Film Editing & Compositing
Module Six: Special Effect Art
Module Seven: Quick Facial Animation
Module Eight: Project Work

Program as Online Continuing Education

Introducing this program and/or the other special "movie arts" programs as online continuing education opportunities for students, offers an opportunity to eventually upgrade this and the other programs included in the Academy training curriculum to either undergraduate and graduate level studies sources and/or individual complete degree programs in their own right.

Contact us today for a non binding evaluation of how the Academy can design and provide a 3D Animation Studies Program that defines your organization and purpose. All faculty in the 3D Animation Studies curriculum are Scholar Practitioners who have actually honed their skills in 3D Animation.

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