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Global Academy (Online) is an AMERICAN international higher education consultancy specializing in developing online programs for existing colleges and universities and building new online/blended colleges and universities for individuals and organizations. The Firm is recognized as among the most innovative pioneer developers of cutting edge online and blended programs and delivery systems for old and new colleges and universities the world over.
A welcome letter from the President. L.O. Bowen
Global Academy (Online) was born, raised, and developed in the late 90's by one of the nation's first nonprofit education Online 'think tanks' under the leadership higher education pioneer Dr. Fred DiUlus, author of the annual Best & Worst Online Schools ratings and Twitter posts. The Academy emerged as a prime provider to organizations installing new online curriculum. From 2002 to 2012 the Academy provided online curriculum, training and degree programs, faculty and customized learner management delivery systems to existing colleges and universities domestically and internationally. In 2013, the Academy expanded from serving existing colleges and universities to developing  totally complete online, blended and flip nonprofit institutions of higher learning. In 2017, the firm, in addition to continuing to develop new online and blended programs for existing colleges and universities and developing new schools for clients worldwide, sponsored five specially targeted new colleges to niche student markets globally, all scheduled to debut in 2018/19.
Global Academy (Online) is a recognized pioneer in developing FREE Online higher education. It is responsible for developing the first FREE university design in 2006 when mainstream educators had no idea on how to deal with it. The effort was known as the DiUlus Institute offering link access to over 2500 free MIT courses and 100 Free online college course from multiple College providers. In 2016, The Institute emerged as the Academy's management arm for established licensed and accredited colleges as well as the manager of the Academy's own spinoffs of the original Institute that have emerged as a lineup of individual specialty schools and online certification programs.
Global Academy (Online) in 2017 raised the bar once again to sponsor and establish new collegiate institutions in several USA states and overseas through 2019. The Academy's specialty in-house outbound public relations, marketing and publishing expertise permits all internally developed and outside client organizations to reach into every nation on earth with access to all potential constituents that are made literally available to them through the Global Academy.
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