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Global Academy is a NORTH AMERICAN and International EDUCATION SPECIALIST creating, developing, staffing, and managing TRADITIONAL, BLENDED, FLIP, ONLINE startup AND existing colleges. Providing state of the art learner management on demand with expansive online programs for existing colleges, universities and public and private schools worldwide, Global Academy is a one stop organizational support and strategic planning operative.
An innovative pioneer for two decades, Global Academy is counted among the earliest architects and pioneers in the ONLINE higher education revolution - THE REALIGNMENT and restructuring of education that is now sweeping the globe.
Global Academy breakthrough technology offers the University of Onetm V/Classroom; the education fields advanced Immersive 2D/3D Virtual and Augmented Reality  System designed especially for Schools, Colleges and Universities - Currently available to 70% of the world's population and anticipated to reach 100% within the decade. 
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