The Professional Experience of Global Academy

Global Academy is a recognized pioneer in developing Online higher education platforms, It is responsible for developing tuition based and also the first FREE university designed degree acquisition systems. In 2006 while mainstream education institutions had no idea on how to develop, recognize or deal with the new design, the Academy established a direct link access to 2500 free cottage courses - the prelude to the first Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC's).
Global Academy today packages tuition-based and free college courses, online learner system platforms, curriculum bundles that together can be accumulated and designed for a college or university seeking to satisfy student demands - demands that include advanced tech and inovative ways to design their own personal degree program - programs that would be recognized for college credit from licensed and accredited colleges and universities. The Academy provides an established competency evaluation service that offers professional guidance and a relationship with colleges and universities that will recognize a students self-directed work and experience.
Global Academy has, over nearly two decades, been an ongoing provider of FREE courses to colleges and universities. These unique programs are designed for students who choose to seek out their own path in an effort to acquire a competency based degree recognition; one that is accredited and available through established degree providers and assessed by accredited evaluators.

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