A Brief History of the Global Academy (Online)

Global Academy was born raised, and developed in the late 90's by one of the nation's first nonprofit education Online 'think tanks' under the the leadership of higher education pioneer Dr. Fred DiUlus, author of the annual Best & Worst Online Schools ratings and twitter profile of @BestWorstOnline, the Way of the Entrepreneur series, Guerilla Entrepreneurship; and Ethics - The Practice. 
Global Academy emerged as a premier provider to organizations desiring to install online curriculum From  2002 to 2012, the Academy provided online curriculum, training and degree programs, faculty and customized learner management delivery systems to existing colleges, universities and institutional HR programs, domestically and internationally. In 2013, the Academy expanded from serving existing higher education and training providers to develop totally complete online, blended and flip nonprofit institutions of higher learning. In 2017, the firm embarked on a five year program to underwrite, build and develop nonprofit accredited Christian colleges across North America and internationally. The firm launched the first state licensed Christian college & University in 2018. The year 2019 witnessed the creation and development of the world's first graduate university, the Global Experimental College & University (GECU.tech)  built entirely around virtual and augmented immersive reality on a platform designed and initiated by Global Academy and Entertainment Arts Research, Inc., a public company.

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