The Top FIVE Online Colleges
           In The World

#1 Online University in the World
The University of London

Who in America would think that of the top five online universities in the world all the American schools would be bested by schools nowhere in site in the Americas - North, Central or South? Four of the top five are all located in the UK, South Africa, and Australia. Well, as Bill Murray said these unforgettable words in the movie  Stripes, "That's the facts Jack!"
Authoring The Best and Worst Online Schools annually for over Fourteen years, Dr. Fred DiUlus, the father of online college ratings and rankings published his original findings and ratings at the end of 2002. As a result of the exponential growth of online degree programs offered by an increasing numbers of traditional schools wanting  and eagerly attempting to get on the bandwagon this past decade, the 2016 eBook contains over 500 institutions that have at least a two year record in offering online programs.

Online education according to Dr. Fred DiUlus, is the wild West of higher education. Opportunities he points out are endless - touching literally everyone, everywhere, no matter how young or old, anywhere in the world.  

1. University of London, #1 in the world.
2. University of South Africa, #1 traditional school and the #1 online degree provider in all of Africa.
Charles Sturt University,  The Big Guy and #1 in Australasia - the largest online university. 
University of Southern Queensland, #2 in Australasia.
5. Golden Gate University, #1 in North America. Founded by a handful of San Francisco Bay Area CEO’s and bankers, grew up to be an international bankers training hub and Armed Forces leadership school.
6. University of Maryland College Park, #2 in North America and one of the original Online Ed pioneers besmirched for years for offering online curriculum by its traditional school pals who are now all clamoring to get in on it. 
7. Florida State University, #3 in North America and among  the nation’s most popular traditional colleges.
8. Regent University, The #1 faith based online university in the world.
9.Liberty University, A giant among Evangelical Christians in America.
10. Drexel University, Class act concentrates on online delivery and development.