Online Strategic Planning for Survival 
               and Prosperity in Higher Education

Global Academy Online offers 24/7 online institutional strategic planning and assessment program as part of its ongoing management services to colleges and universities. The online system addresses the spiking demand for fluid, dynamic institutional planning brought about by the online revolution in both higher education and industry.

This radical change in the frequency of strategic planning required assessments are fueled by increasing demands for new technologies including social networking and innovative fingertip communication applications. Traditional higher education is struggling to keep up with online education's demand and and thereby missing many of the opportunities that full integration of online leaning provides.

American colleges in particular are faced with increasing challenges for students brought on by an onslaught of global competition unlike anything ever experienced in higher education. The number of schools currently being forced into bankruptcy and dissolution is unprecedented in the history of higher education In America. Schools who are not on top of this are headed for extinction.

For small colleges and universities facing ongoing extensive budget cuts because of an abysmal economic climate, traditional priced strategic planning consulting services are cost prohibitive. The Global Academy Online system cuts the cost by two thirds and permits leadership to contribute and tweak the process as they see fit 24/7. The Global Academy Online system makes it affordable for any college’s budget, no matter how large or small.”

Global Academy Online is a long time pioneer in the dynamic online education field and publishes The Best and Worst Online Schools, a free eBook rating of online colleges and universities. Global Academy  Online contributes extensively to the expansion of traditional schools into online degree programs and systems.