Historic China-USA Education
               Cooperation and Development

Washington, DC, December 20, 2009, UpMarketing Wire...Zhengzhou College of Economics of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, the Peoples Republic of China has successfully concluded an International educational funding agreement for a $97 million dollar university expansion and building program. Global Academy Online, Inc., a Washington DC based online university builder, arranged the college’s funding and expansion of its traditional school and nationwide online virtual university. The event was sealed with an official signing ceremony conducted at the college on December 19, 2009.  
The capital expansion funds, earmarked for release over a three-year period, are being used to finance the construction of a new 400-acre central university campus in the heart of Zhengzhou City. Zhengzhou is a city of eight and half million inhabitants located in the most populated Province in China. Over 900,000 students reside within the college's sphere of influence.

The project combines the college's five campuses currently spread throughout the city of Zhengzhou into a central campus housing the college's International Business Center and Research Park. The college will also maintain the nation's first Chinese online virtual university, a blended and virtual world within the university. Aided by higher education consultants, Global Academy Online, the Zhengzhou College will serve as a central online learner and course management systems provider to other colleges and universities throughout China.

Zhengzhou City is both the educational and historic center of Chinese culture. This centrality is personified by the location of the world-renowned 1500 year old Shaolin Temple within its midst. 

According to Dr. Fred DiUlus, CEO and Founder of Global Academy Online, "Zhengzhou College of Economics is a pioneer in its outreach to American higher education and in its development of China’s first online higher education programs in Mandarin.” Also, states DiUlus, “The new campus will house the regions first International Business Center and University Research Park to specifically grow mutually beneficial Sino-American corporate and industrial partnerships.” 


VIP delegation to ZZCOE
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Dr. DiUlus' VIP TEAM including China Team Members, Thomas Payne, Education Consultant,; Mr. Qiao Xin Jian, Shaolin Coordinator and of Owner ZZCOE; Dr. Fred DiUlus, CEO and President of Global Academy Online, Director of the China Team; and Asante Bradford, a Director of the State of Georgia Global Center.