2011 Top Ten Online Education Providers

Washington DC, July 25, 2011…Four of the top ten online universities in the world are not "Made in the USA". Three international schools covet the top slots according to Dr. Fred DiUlus, the author of the 2011 8th annual edition of the Best Worst Online Degree Program Providers.

Dr. DiUlus, an online education pioneer and father of online higher education rating and ranking is the CEO and founder of Global Academy Online, Inc. He examines online program providers with a refined proprietary five point rating scale he invented almost thirty years ago. Of great importance to the ratings he says is the quality and contribution to the value of the institution by their online faculty, whether full-time or adjunct.

Traditional schools that recognize value in adding online degrees find among them those that seem to be drawn to doing it for all the wrong reasons. This, DiUlus offers, is brought on by the reality of pending or severe program cutbacks at their university due to harsh economic times.

Troubled schools he says see online classes as their salvation. This he believes fuels the criticism of online education as fear grips those who believe academic rigor and quality will suffer. "I agree", he says, "it will suffer, but not because schools are ill intentioned, rather it is because they are ill prepared in what it takes to succeed with online degree programs." Over 80 of the several hundred schools Dr. DiUlus currently ranks, finds many of these entered online higher education without preparation or considering what was at stake."

The 2011 top ten ONLINE degree program providers are:

1. University of London, #1 in the world for eight consecutive years.

2. University of South Africa, #1in Africa.

3. University of Southern Queensland, #1 in Australasia.

4. University of Phoenix, #1 in America. Largest university in North America that has made being online legitimate. Copied but not eclipsed.

5. Jones International University, conceived, created, and designed to be a world leader in online higher education.

6. Golden Gate University, a downtown San Francisco trolley car school that has international and worldwide appeal.

7. University of Liverpool, an international school with appeal to American students for both traditional and online programs.

8. Ellis College of NYIT, a northeast, USA competitive giant with programs, faculty and marketing to go with...

9. University of Maryland College Park, Made study abroad fashionable. Online programs and faculty are highly competitive.

10. Drexel University, a class performer that has sought to make their online programs among the best in the world.

If a college is not in the current eBook, it may be under current study. It may also be too new to rank, or just not worthy at this time because of the school's lack of current experience in offering online programs. If it is an accredited college offering online programs and not yet listed, Dr. DiUlus says it is already targeted for review and will be included in future editions of the Best Worst Online Degree Program Providers. The eBook is a free download from Global Academy Online, Inc and several other education support organizations.